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The Nevada National Security Site has been a vehicle of discovery, development, and application in the interest of national security since it’s founding as the Nevada Proving Ground in 1951. Over the years, the mission altered in the verbiage to accommodate changes in national, and international protocols in nuclear development, but its number one priority has been the assurance of a safe nation.

The cloak and dagger of the Cold War has given way to new projects and innovations. Delving into the topic it is evident that many have written, and are still reporting on the perils of nuclear weapons, energy and nuclear development as a whole, topical at the moment, in light of the recent weapon testing’s by North Korea. In a climate of renewed nuclear debate, over the use of nuclear energy, weapons and proliferation, it would be interesting  to get feedback of personal thoughts on the topic.

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The Atomic Era of everything from cereal to your very own testing lab.   Image: Atomic Testing Museum

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  1. mark Ountain says:

    glad to take your survey. good luck with thesis!

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